Harts Pass No. 196

A little abnormally nice dining over spring break and suddenly the inner wolverine...


Harts Pass No. 195

After a week off, apparently wandering the greater reaches of the Pacific Northwest, Thor and Harts Pass are back again. Three cheers... we think!

The Harts Pass books are in... and heading out the door!

About ten days ago, my Kickstarter project took one final (major) step towards its ultimate conclusion as forty boxes - hot off the presses - arrived safe and sound in my carport. My studio space will be happily crowded for a bit as rewards are being shipped just as quickly as I can get everything safely repackaged and sent off in the mail. Reports thus far are GRRRand :)

Trail's End Bookstore in Winthrop, WA has signed copies on hand, and I'll be doing a local launch for the on May 4th -- when my school visit schedule has finally settled down a bit. Stay tuned for an Etsy Shop/paypal button etc. so that I can do at least a little bit of business in online sale and thanks again for helping me to make this book. Cheers!



Harts Pass No. 194

Our community theater is currently running Joe DiPietro's "Over the River and Through the Woods." A great performance if you've ever had parents or kids... so seek it out sometime if you miss it here or don't live anywhere near Twisp, WA :)


Bears Galore!

I've been drawing LOTS of bears lately. Fun to do -- as usual -- and this particular arrangement (for example only) feels a bit like a Richard Scary page... Bride Bear. Groom Bear. Burly Bear. Policeman Bear... :)


Harts Pass No. 193

I started thinking about hibernating bears... and this is the result. Enjoy :)


Harts Pass No. 192

Without saying quite as much in the cartoon, the continuous snowfall is getting ridiculous! In a slight twist to this African proverb/oft quoted running inspiration, the gazelle and lion can be truly thankful that running from/after each other is their primary concern.

The actual proverb reads like this: