Harts Pass No. 209

"Boredom" The catch phrase of summer for many kids... and an alternate theory on is origins. Hot and windy days here in the North Cascades. Fires near home but not quite in the back yard just yet. Stay safe. Stay cool. Stay busy!


Harts Pass No. 208

In this long over due addition to the "Facts VS Lore" series, Thor and Melanie offer up yet another potentially valuable reason for late sumer snow pack. Recent debate over the actual impact of climate change -- while obvious regarding drowning polar bears etc. -- is a little harder to prove for the wolverine. That being said, if sustainable den sites through May don't heft enough weight for an endangered species listing, then perhaps there is an economic argument that is equally valuable...


World Giraffe Day!

Hard to imagine how I missed it, but June 21st was the first ever World Giraffe Day. Next year I promise to be a little more on the ball!

Harts Pass No. 207

Despite their struggles over the last several years, I remain a dedicated MN Twins fan. I wouldn't consider myself a rabid fan -- and I rarely if ever watch a game on TV, but still its a sport with a certain allure -- and a certain pedestrian pace :) To the "boys of summer" and girls as well -- choke up on that bat and swing for the fences!


Harts Pass No. 206

A little vacation back to the heartland... and then back to work just as summer really gets rolling :) More breaks to come, but more to do in the mean time. Happy first official week of summer, and keep it simple people!


Harts Pass No. 205

To the Liberty Bell High School class of 2014 -- and graduates everywhere -- CONGRATULATIONS!


Harts Pass No. 204

A couple of years ago, my now 11 year old daughter did this fine Bigfoot comic. In the tradition of Bill Keene (Family Circus) and in honor of this week's Young Writers Conference at MVES, the writing credit for this week's strip goes most assuredly to the 9 year old author of "Quiet Comics." Thanks much kiddo! And I look forward to teaching another session or two of "Making Comics" on Friday afternoon.